Services that we offer....

Boundary Surveys-   A retracement of your property showing existing structures and major land features that are located on your property.  Boundary surveys can get very in depth.  Prices vary on boundary surveys.  The main factor on price is land size.  Other factors come into play as well like terrain and land coverage.  Call us today for a free quote.  

Items included in your Boundary Survey-

  1. Marking property corners.

  2. Marking property lines.

  3. A new plat of your property.

  4. An electronic copy of the survey will also be available upon request.  

Construction Staking

Construction Staking-  Construction layout and staking work.  Staking out everything from residential to commercial sites.  Feel free to ask for references.  

  1. Residential Sites

  2. Commercial Sites

  3. Erosion & Sediment Control BMP's

  4. Road layout